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Serums for stunning (filter-free) selfies

What’s a serum I hear you ask? Well, simply put, serums are highly concentrated formulas of active ingredients that deeply penetrate the skin to give targeted results.

They are liquid-based and do their best job when applied after cleansing and before moisturising. 

Day and night serums

Different serums can be used at different points of the day to offer desired results. 

For example, our Antioxidant Glow Serum packed with natives is a great everyday serum to incorporate into your morning routine as it contains Kakadu Plum, Quandong and Desert Lime that are rich in   Vitamin C – which is great for brightening! – and antibacterial Lilli Pilli extract which will protect your skin against the daily free radicals.

On the other side of the day, Power Perfecting Serum contains fruit enzymes that dissolve dead skin  to reveal a brighter complexion and is best used overnight so the formula can do its thing while you sleep.

Serums for different uses

Serums will offer different results depending on what hard-working ingredients they contain.

Take our illuminating Probiotic Brightening Serum for example. It contains Probiotic Peptides, which are very handy at improving skin tone and decreasing pigmentation, as well as Liquorice Root, which is A+ at treating the cumulative effects of sun damage.

Alternatively, Luminous Effects Oil contains Camellia Seed Oil, which is brimming with essential fatty acids that give skin a beautiful supple glow – making it a fantastic natural illuminator! Wonder herbs Gotu Kola and Sea buckthorn extract offer deep tissue repair and rejuvenation 

In essence 

Whether you’re looking to protect, replenish, restore or give some extra brightening to your skin, serums can work absolute wonders.  There’s a lot these little bottles of potent yet gentle natural ingredients can do!