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Blemish Blurring Triple Treat Kit

$118.00 $154.00

Blemish Blurring Triple Treat Kit
An effective kit for oily or blemished skins

What the kit includes:
Blemish Blurring Mask (click here for more information)
Probiotic Brightening Serum (click here for more information)
Power Replenishing Moisturiser(click here for more inormation)

Why it works:
💜  Through extensive research, we have found that most oily skin is associated with blemishes . So we have developed this range to target both these common skin dilemmas.

💜  Our skin care packages for oily and blemished skin work three-fold - through gentle exfoiliation, deep skin cell repair and retention of moisture in your skin.

Recommendations and tips:
Our minimal yet powerful Blemish Blurring Dynamic Duo set effectively targets your blemish issues.

*All Ingredients are plant-based and organically derived where possible ."

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