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Glow Getter Dynamic Duo Kit

$98.00 $106.00

Glow Getter Dynamic Duo Kit
A powerful duo kit to restore the glow for dry, dehydrated and stressed skins.

What the set includes:
Anti Oxidant Glow Serum (click here for more information)
Antioxidant Nourishing Moisturiser (click here for more information)

Why it works:
Working in indoor spaces with heating and airconditioning combined with harsh climates leave your skin dull, dehydrated and tired looking.

💜  Our skin care packages for dull and dehydrated skin contain potent antioxidants to provide deep cell healing, rejuvination and hydration.

Recommendations and tips:
Our Glow Trio Kit includes a mask to remove dull and dead skin cells or the minimal yet powerful Glow Duo Set restores the glow back to your skin.

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